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Tangkahan CTO (Community Tour Operator)
email: cto_tangkahan@yahoo.co.id
Tangkahan Visitor Centre/CTO
Mobile: +62 85275605865
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Facilities and Services in Tangkahan


There are a large number of restaurants and warungs (small restaurants or coffee shops) in the village of Tangkahan, with most accommodations having their own restaurant. Both local and western food can be found here, and fresh produce abounds!

Beer is available at most restaurants or for sale from local shops.



There are public restrooms in the main visitor areas of Tangkahan. Depending on where you stay, toilets will be western or local style.


There are various local places that will wash your clothes for you.


There is no ATM in Tangkahan. The nearest ATM is one hour's drive away, in Batang City. Bring enough cash before you come!


There are basic medicines for colds, flus, headaches etc, available from small shops throughout Tangkahan, and a medical clinic thirty minutes drive away in the village of Titimanga. The nearest hospital is in Medan City.


At times, electricity is intermittent, but most accommodations have generators to cover the times when the power is down.


There is wifi available in the CTO office by request. 3G is not available in  most areas of Tangkahan, but there is phone coverage for calls and texting.