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Tangkahan CTO (Community Tour Operator)
email: cto_tangkahan@yahoo.co.id
Tangkahan Visitor Centre/CTO
Mobile: +62 85275605865
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Exploring with Elephants/Angon Gajah

An unforgettable experience.  

Join with our experienced mahouts and local guides to meet the elephants of the Tangkahan CRU.

Get up close with the beautiful elephants of the Tangkahan CRU with  our unforgettable new elephant experience. Our exclusive and intimate tour gives you the chance to spend time with the mahouts (trainers), help wash the elephants in the river, and walk alongside the elephants as they explore their natural jungle environment, grazing freely. 

IDR 750,000 per person

Distance 2.2 km

Duration 3 hours

Includes elephant washing, permit, guide, snacks.


Launching Oct 2017

Elephant Bathing Experience

Meet our beautiful herd of elephants as you help their mahouts bathe them in the pristine Batang River on the border of the Gunung Leuser National Park. Learn about their lives from our experienced mahouts, and give the elephants a scrub down as you watch them play and swim in the river. 

IDR 250,000 per person

8:30 am and 15:30 pm

Duration one hour

Includes elephant bathing and feeding.

Short Elephant Patrol - 30 minutes

IDR 650,000 per person

Includes elephant bathing

Elephant Patrol - 1 hour

IDR 850,000 per person (Nov-Apr)

IDR 1,000,000 per person (May-Oct)

Distance 2km

Elephant Patrol Package

IDR 1,100,000 per person (Nov-Apr)

IDR 1,250,000 per person (May-Oct)

Includes one hour elephant patrol, elephant bathing, tubing to big waterfall and jungle food picnic.

Elephant Patrol & Camping Package

IDR 8,000,000 (2 people)

Two days and one night. Includes patrol, camping, tubing, food and guide.

Elephant Patrols

Tangkahan Elephant Experiences

Spend time with our herd of rescued elephants at the CRU (Conservation Response Unit).

Join them in their natural jungle and river environments to learn how they help protect the National Park and support the community.

Prices include park entrance fee.


Please note that Friday is a rest day for elephants so no activities are available.