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Tangkahan CTO (Community Tour Operator)
email: cto_tangkahan@yahoo.co.id
Tangkahan Visitor Centre/CTO
Mobile: +62 85275605865
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The Elephants of Tangkahan

The History of the CRU Elephants

Conservation Response Units (CRUs) were set up in Sumatra, Indonesia, in the 1980's and 1990's in response to a growing problem of human/elephant conflict. As wild areas decreased, and human activity began to encroach upon borders between the national parks and community land, and often within the national parks, there were increasing problems between the local people and wildlife.


Conflict between elephants and people is particularly difficult to resolve - elephants cannot easily be translocated due to social structure and behaviours, often returning to conflict areas where they were rescued from when people attempted to relocate them.


Conservation Response Units were the best possible solution to situations where there were no alternatives to ongoing conflict issues. All of the elephants in CRUs were rescued from situations where their lives, or the lives of humans, were at high risk.


Tangkahan CRU was established in 2001, with the assistance of Flora and Fauna International. The first elephant, Agustin, arrived from the Aceh province in North Sumatra. She was joined by Eva in 2003, also from Aceh. In 2004, our herd was joined by our beautiful male Teo; females Olive and Yuni from Bukit Lawang; and Ardana and Sari, rescued from Aceh.


In 2015, our healthy and happy elephants welcomed three infants to the herd, male Chris, and females Albertina and Ropa.